Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekly Decline

Seems like just yesterday I was running over 20 miles in a week.  It seems like the on comming warmth has resulted in a stead decline of mileage over the past three weeks.  In reviewing my Buckeyeoutdoors.com running log shows that my last three weeks have been 17 miles, 19 miles and 13.5 miles.  Last week I had a trip to Houston that kepth me from seven on Thursday and 4 on Friday.  I have the same trip this Thursday but hope to be back to run Friday & Saturday.  But that will only put me at 18 IF I get 8 on Saturday. 

My "long" Saturday run keeps getting shorter.  We went out for 10 but I faded fast after 5 and made about 8.  I think with the temps climbing the way that they are, I will be lucky to make 8 in up comming weeks.  Oh well, more inside stuff.  I need to do some weights anyway.

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