Monday, February 23, 2009

Dallas, TX

I spent most of the last week in Dallas for a convention for work. It was 1,000 of my fellow employees meeting to see how well we did last year, what was in store for this year and to see what new technology we have for this year. It was exausting. I only ran once and it was on the dread mill. My total for the week was 8 miles. I am just in a rut that I don't want to run often and I have no motivation to do anything else. I should be hitting some weight or doing some stretches but I got the don't wants.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Start Tomorrow, I Promise.

Lazy Monday where I get out of bed for my 4:30 alarm, set my alarm on my phone for 6 AM and go back to sleep on the couch. This is so I don't annoy The Wife with snoozes. CCC10K training officially starts tomorrow with 6 x 400's. Good luck to me. No Lazy Tuesday.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Boudin Run - Charlie T's

One of the reasons that I run, is so that I can eat. I live in South Louisiana there is an over abundance of awsome food. One such food is "Boudin" (boo-dan). It is a mixture of pork and rice with lots of spice (and green onions). There are two guys that have a website that rates local boudin. Every Saturday I get up and go run at Red's. I ran 4.7 miles this morning in about 38 minutes. I didn't have a watch, I am running cave man till I start training again. Anyway, after the run, I drink coffee at Red's with the guys. The Wife goes to Red's for her two hour work out from 9 till 11, so I have to be home to watch The Boy.

After The Wife leaves The Boy and I go pick up BILL (Brother-In-Law) to go on a "Boudin Run". We are working out way down the list to the "A" rated places. (Technically this is a bit of a blog about running, and we went on a run). Three weeks ago, we went to Breaux Bridge to try to get some boudin, I thought I could remember the location of the place. I was wrong, we ended up in Henderson at Webster's. I was good and spicy.

So fast forward two weeks and we headed back to Breaux Bridge. We decided to go to Charlie T's because I went to the other place last weekend on the way to camping. It was good. The linksters overstated it was a smigen more meat than rice , it had a lot of meat. The spice was just right and the casing was snappy. The Boy gave it his seal of approval by eating several bits.

Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Friday

So today I skipped running so that I could sleep in. I didn't run very far this week. I am calling it recovery week two. I am going to start my training for the CCC10k very soon but I don't want to fall too far and I don't want to get too burned out. I need to do some other exercises but once again, LAZY.

The Wife and The Boy left town Thursday to go to her mom's while I am going camping in the woods tomorrow night. It is my yearly trip with one of my college buddy's and lots of friend. The weather should be good but a bit colder would be better. One year it was in the 20's. Great if you stay by the fire.