Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year in Review

I ran 180 runs this year for 907 miles in 128:06:52. My average time was 42:42 min. This was less than last year but I am training for a later race than before (Mardi Gras 1/2 vs. Houston 1/2). Overall it was a good year, I PR in Houston with a 1:44. I ran CCC in about the same time as last year. OK a bit slower but I was burnt from Houston. I tried to poster but that didn't happen. I didn't PR in a 5K but I didn't really run but one and I ran it with The BOY and The Wife.

Next years goals. PR in New Orleans with a 1:42. I have a stretch goal of sub 1:40 but not getting my hopes up. Poster in the CCC. Set a PR for a 5K.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

No Boudin but lots of FOOD

We this week in running was one of highs and lows. After skipping out Monday, I ran intervals on Tuesday. I hit me goal pace of 3:15 four out of the six. This is the first time in a while that I reached the goal pace. Ran Wednsday. Rain Thrusday but was able to get a 7:40 pace on the dread-mill. Friday brought lots of presents but no running. Slept in Saturday but ran 6 after watching "The Blind Side" Great movies.

Another present, I won a pair of Yurbuds from Frayed Laces I can't wait to get them.

No Boudin but we did eat a lot of good food. I fried my first turkey on Christmas day. We decided to fry it becuase we didn't have the oven room to cook all the other stuff. I injected it with white wine, chicken broth and hot sauce. It turned out great.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bourque's Superstore

Started the morning with an 8 mile run. I only needed to do 6 but since I skipped out yesterday I figured it wold be OK. Nice morning with temps about 40F. You couldn't ask for better weather. I will still be short for the week if I run 10 tomorrow but it will only be by a few. I got my 5 x 800 in on Wednsday due to rain but the pace run on Thursday was torpedoed by 5000 ft of elevation in Denver. I still got a run in, just slow.

Me and the fussy BOY went and picked up BIL at 9. We headed to Bourque's in Port Barre. We made our way around the store, picking up the famous jalapeno cheese bread. This stuff is very dense. I wouldn't want to get hit on the head with it. It is delicious.

We got to the meat counter and bought three links delivered as promised in the review. We checked out and at on the hood of my car. The BOY was supper excited that he got to sit on the hood. He was even more excited about the several packs of crackers that come with the boudin. BIL cut us some. The linksters indicated it was about an even mixture but I think what we had was much more meat than rice. It was good. Our favorite was it seems as if they used all most the whole green onion so you got part of the whitter onion so it gave it a nice crunch. The spice was warm. The BOY at his fair share and we headed on down the road to Lafayette. Well worth the drive. The linksters gave it an A+ rating and I tend to agree.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Boudin & Cracklin Express

The day started out too cold to run or hit the farmer's market. I actually slept till 7 on a Saturday. Plus I knew all my running folks were working at the Cajun Country 1/2 Marathon.

I picked up BIL before he headed out of town for his Santa Claus Pub Crawl in New Orleans. We decided to go to Boudin & Cracklin Express in Henderson via the Breaux Bridge Hwy. With THE Boy strapped in we were off. We passes the Pack and Paddle to see their newly remodeled front (someone put a car into the front window). It now holds lots of boats and looks nice.

We came in to Henderson from the South, we actually passed three other places that featured boudin. There was Kevin's, gas station, Landry's and then Express. Four places that The Linkster's have yet to evaluate.

We bought 2-1/2 links that came in a paper tray wrapped in foil. The boudin was about 50/50 mix of rice pieces and pork meat with a sprinkling of green onions. Casing was snappy. BIL commented that it was a bit light on liver but I found a few chunks. The liver was not evenly distributed. The spice was good, not too hot and not too mild. The BOY at all most all of his half. He says "mmmm dat's good". I think it is worth at least a B+ to A-.

The store has a drive through window for all the fat-so who can't walk but need their boudin. There is lots of jars of Cajun stuff you can buy. At the end of the day, it would be a great place to stop an pick up a link or two. I think if BIL and I make a few more run, we might have to check out the other place at Henderson.

As far a running, I ended up with 31 miles for the week but running 6 Sat afternoon and 8 on Sunday.