Monday, August 31, 2009

Janise's Boudin Run (repeat)

The morning started out with about a 5 mile run to River Ranch. The temperature was good but a bit humid. Coffee break was cut short as The Wife decided to get an early start on her work out. No bid deal.

Went home and got The Boy ready to go. Picked up BIL around 9. He dropped the ball as he was supposed to find us a place to go but didn't. Since we decided to go by Lowe's after the run, we headed North in search of a place. Up Hwy 182 we went, after driving for about 40 minutes we found ourselves in Sunset by Janise's Supermarket. We have been here before and liked it and decided to sample it again to see if they were consistent.

We procured two links because the Boy has been eating his fair share lately. In fact I have had to make two trips in the past becuase he wanted more. The boudin was hot and wrapped in paper. It was two LARGE links. They were definitely stuffed full. The insides were similar to the stuffing, the rice was whole and large, the chunks of meat were large and the taste was large. The BOY liked it but only ate about 1/4 of a link. Overall it lives up to "The Linksters" rating of A.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

No Boudin

Dam it is hot out side. I ran the Four-Seven loop with Greg. I strugled. It felt like I was running in a humid oven. Ready for at least fall to get here.

No boudin run this morning because BIL is at the Red Dress Run in New Orleans. It sounds like it is a fun race but he crowd is getting so large that it is probably too much. One of my friends has been running it for a while, he said it was much better when there were about 200 people. They should have about 3000 this year.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Saturday Run

Ran almost 6 miles Saturday morning. It was hot and humid. I can't wait for the cool.

The BIL, The Boy and I went to Trahan's Foods in Rayne (Frog Capital) for some boudin. It lived up to it's A- rating. The boy thinks it is A+, he ate 1/2 a link (which is a lot for him).