Thursday, April 14, 2011

Running Week

Last week saw only three runs but I totaled out just over 24 miles.  A new recent high mileage.  We didn't go to the track on Tuesday so that was my first seven.  I ran the normal seven on Thursday.  Both were right at 8 min pace which was great.  Then Saturday I ended up running over 10.  Saturday's run started about fast but finsihed DEAD.  I started with two guys who are much faster than me.  By five miles I was pretty much done.  I finished the second half of the run around 9:30 pace.  I was happy with the finish. 

This week has not been so great.  On Monday and Tuesday, I thought I was hitting snooze and not waking up.  When I finally heard the alarm, it was too late to make it to run.  I later figured out that my alarm was set to the time I was waking up and I was not hitting snooze.  I got that corrected and made it to Red's for the 7 mile run this morning.  I was slower than last week but my quads are tight from weights. 

I think that I am going to work on building a new base this summer.  I would like to run but work on keeping my HR in the lower zones.  I think I will have to walk or slow down when it gets too high.  That is going to be hard. 

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