Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Week

Well another week went by and a lot happened. I ran a total of 12 miles, my lowest week in a long time. I missed my Tuesday track sesson due to rain and Thursday longer run due to sleep. The Wife was out with her friends and didn't get home till late, so I slept in. I did to body pump twice which is more than the last few weeks.

The bathroom progressed. I got the tile installed and grouted. I got some of the cabinets installed. Once the plubmer finishes up we can use it. I will still need to put the trim work but I can use the bathroom with out it.

I did make it to Johnson's for boudin this week. The Boy and The Neice went with me. The Boy ate his share but the Niece decided she didn't like it. Johnson's as all ways was good. It has a great mix with just the right kick. They are the greatest folks.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Construction Update

Well it has been a while. I am still running about 15 miles a week. I have a two week plan that I am not following 100%. This is mainly do to the move.

The plan is for:
Monday - Run (optional) / Body Pump
Tuesday - Interval 4 x 800 Goal 3:30
Wed - Yoga? (have not made that one yet)
Thursday - Cycle Class or Run (only run)
Friday - Run morning - Pump at Lunch
Saturday - Run
Sunday - optional long Run
Week 2
Monday - Off
Tuesday - Interval 4 x 800
Wed - Circuit Training Class at Lunch
Thur - Run or Cycle
Saturday - Run long (6-8 mile range)
Sunday - off

Between the work at the new house and the work at the old house, I am usually wore out. In the last few weeks I usually make Tuesday, pump once a week Friday and Saturday. But we are in and the construction is dwindling so hopefully I will get back on track.

Today I ran because we had rain yesterday. I will run in the rain but I will not get out of bed to start running in the rain.

I had to laught this moring. One of the running blogs that I read, the runner said he was running so slow he could have been mistaken for a jogger. That is funny because compared to some other runners he is a jogger even on his fastest day. I guess on the oposite, compared to some slower folks he is a runner. I don't think there is any problem with the jogger title. I know of folks that run sub 6 minute miles and call themselves joggers.