Sunday, April 18, 2010

NuNu's Revisited

Saturday was a good day for runs. I got up to go to Red's after making it back to Lafayette on the red eye from Denver. I had not a plan for the type of run I was going to do. One of the runners had to do a 6 mile pace run so I decided to tag along. It was a good run overall. We warmed up a mile or so to Camilla Blvd, then ran to the end and back. It was an overall run of about 8.5 miles. I felt pretty good, it was just below sub 8 minute miles. Things are starting to warm up.

After my run, a college friend was in town for an interview and wanted to go look at a few subdivision in the Youngsville area. The BOY and I took him for a ride with the plans to stop and get some boudin. We stopped at NuNu's grocery store. We have had NuNu's boudin but purchased it from Broussards in Milton. NuNu's award winning boudin was great as usual. Good mix of rice and pork with a few green onions. NuNu's is kind of mashed up but you can still see the rice and pork. The BOY at boudin and a few cracklins. We also bought some of their chicken jalapeno burgers that were later eaten for lunch. Very nice grocery store worth the trip.