Friday, January 14, 2011

Crappy Sleeping Kids and Affects On My Run

Since we had our first kid, I have been turned inti a morning runner. I had to so that the wife could get her workout in afternoon as someone has to watch kids. Well The Boy is four and still requires someone to lay with him to go to sleep. That is easy compared to his early years. I spent many nights swinging him in his car seat so he would sleep, many nights listening to him cry when the wife put him to sleep, and many nights not sleeping well because he was not sleeping. Now he only wakes up twenty minutes before my alarm goes off to run. I don't k ow about you but the last minutes of my sleep are usually the best.

The girl started out good. We thought she was to be the easy child. She actually slept in her bed! You could sometimes put her down AWAKE and walk away and she would go to sleep. What is that? She would sleep from about six to eleven then end up on our bed. Lately it is getting earlier and earlier that she wakes up and screams till she get her moma. That sucks because where I used to be able to lay down at nine a sleep a while, we now spend that time trying to get her to go back to sleep. You usually can get her sound asleep in your arms but heavenforebid if you make the motion to pit her down! That is instant wake up. I just is frustrating.