Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It has been a while since I have posted about boudin. It has been a while since I have run (Saturday). Since BIL moved, I have yet to find someone to go we the BOY and I for boudin. We have made several trips to Johnson's but no where new.

Running has been slow since New Orleans. I ran easy the week after, I didn't run at all the next week as I was in North Dakota working, last week I did run 20 miles. My new goal starting today is to pick up in the end of a training program for the Festival 5K. I am going to attempt to follow the "Brain Training" program (modified a bit) and see if I can PR for a 5K. My current PR is five years old. (22:30 from 2005). I have only run 7 5K since then and come with in a few seconds of PR'ing. I used to run a lot of 5Ks but they took a backseat to running 10Ks and 1/2 Marathons. I would rather work the 5K with CRRC than run. I run the Festival 5K every year as part of my Festival ritual.

Anyway, my training started out on the wrong foot this morning. I set my alarm for 4:20 so that I could get up and meet the folks heading to the track at 4:45. Unfortunatly, I didn't turn the alarm on. I woke up at 4:55, which it too late to even make the 5AM running group. So my options were to get up and run from the house to the track or around the hood or sleep in. Yea, I chose sleep in. My favorite sleep in is to get up and go sleep on the couch, that way I can hit snooze on my alarm phone with out waking up the rest of the crew. It takes me about 1 mintute to get comforable an go back to sleep. Yea I feel like a slug, but it sure feels good.

I plan on going home and running the 5 miles at recovery pace that I was supposed to run this morning (thought I had track). Tomorrow calls for 2 miles warm up, 4 x 600m at 3000m pace (7:15) and 2 miles cool down.