Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two Ways to get 21

This is not a gambling post!  If it were it would involve me losing money.  I seem to do that when I risk money in a risky way.  This is about the last two weeks of 21 miles and how I got there.  Both weeks I ran four times in the week.  The first week was three shortish/easy runs around 4 miles plus a 10 miler on Saturday.  Last week was two shortish runs plus one day at the track and six miles on Saturday.  Looking at my two weeks I see that I could up my miles easily if I could just get out of the bed.  Tues track with 6-7 miles total, Thurs 7 mile loop, that 13 so far.  Friday 4-5 mile easy and Saturday 10 miles for a grand total of 27-29 miles.  If I could just get up!

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