Friday, May 13, 2011

So I have done two MAF runs both on Tuesday. I ran at 143 bpm with about a ten minute pace. The second run was too fast. I was doing group run and just wanted to keep up. I should have slowed down.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

He Finally gets it...

Intervals: An Apology to the iPad: "On the weekend of April 30 th , several friends and I got together in the city of Boston to run together. It was an amazing experience of..."

Ha! If you have listened to Steve lately you have been bombarded by the Apple vs. Droid sections of his pod cast. At first it was funny but the 1000th time warranted me skipping forward. Even when I had to step off the dread-mill to hold steady. I am glad that he get it!

On a related topic, a Steve Runner recommended online workout tracking site Buckeye Outdoors had a major "crap hit the fan" moment when in the matter of a few days, both their servers swallowed all our data.  I hope that it can be recovered.  I guess that shows the fallacy of storing important things via the "cloud".  That begs the question of how much back up is enough.  I have my home computer backed up via  I back up some stuff at work but I guess we need back up for back up.  I hope that they are able to recover the data....