Friday, November 20, 2009

Gidroz Food Center and More

The running for this week has recovered. I was able to make it to Red's every day this week with no sleeping in on the couch. I was able to run intervals on Tuesday and a parking garage with my run on Thursday. I also topped out the running mileage at 25.2 miles. Lot better than last week. It was raining this morning so no running but I did get on the elliptical.

We picked up BIL for the boudin run. We stopped at Home Depot to pick up some pipes for BILs since. We decided to take a journey to Guidroz Food Center on E. Simco. It was just as good as the Linksters said. There were big whole grains of rice mixes with good meat and specks of green onion. The Boy at some along with some "gratons" (don't tell his mom!). We decided that Guidroz would make a good place to stop on the way to see the Tiger's play. M&S Grocery is also on the way but this is a much better link.

After Guidroz, we journeyed West down I-10 to The Best Stop. BIL's wife wanted boudin as did her friends and they are a bit picky. Not a big deal. While BIL was picking up boudin, tasso and frozen boudin, the BOY and I shared three Boudin Balls. They had a creamy texture that was melt in your mouth. Once we got back to BILs house, the BOY helped finish off the remainder of the boudin from Best Stop.

Despite the rain it was a successful run.

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