Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Recent Activity

Well the boudin runs with BIL will come to a stop after the first of the year, he will be moving to Houston. We might have to go on charizo & egg runs if I go visit. Oh well, I guess as the boy gets older we can continue to go together.

We picked up Johnson's before we went to the game this weekend and as all ways it was great. Congratulations to them for winning "Best Un-linked Boudin" at the contest held by the linksters. I am not sure why un-linked boudin would taste any different than linked. Maybe the casing concentrates or changes the flavor. I don't know.

Running took a dive last week. I had been managing +20 for the previous two weeks but cut that in half last week. I did take a trip to Houston but had a chance to run there and several more a home that I did not take. I am on a better track this week as I have run Monday and did some 800s today. We started a wellness challenge at work this week. My goal is to get ten extra workout classes in before the end of the year. While it might not seem that hard to do in 6 weeks time, it will be a stretch since I am currently doing none. Hopefully it will also result in a bit of weight loss.

I am still on the fence about running the New Orleans Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon. Last year the 1/2 went by Audubon park but I think they are going to send it up toward City Park. Not that it would not be a great run, going toward Audubon is much better. Oh well, hope to have a boudin report for this weekend but I am not sure if BIL will be in town or not. They might be heading to NO.

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