Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Festival 09

Well Festival International has come and gone. It was another great year of great music, great weather and great friends.

The Wife, The Boy and SIL (Sister In Law) went Thursday to catch some music. The Wife and The Boy left at dark and SIL and I stayed to catch some Mark Broussard. There were numerous rumor of super stars joining Mark on stage, but as I predicted they were all BS.

Friday just The Wife, The Boy and I went downtown. We had fun, saw some good stuff and called it an early night.

Saturday we all got up to run the Festival 5K. Since The Wife was missing her two hour Red's workout, she asked that I miss my run to run with her and push The Boy. Not a big deal, it saved me from a less than stellar performance. We took from a new course. The race has started from the court house in previous years but this year they chose to start around The Pit Stop. Unfortunally the lead runner is supper fast (Kevin Castille) and was so far ahead of number two, that the #2 guy missed a turn. His inability to follow the course caused the run to be about 2/10ths shorter. I am not complaining since I was not going to PR but look at the map before you run, pay attention. We saw the nervous wife off at nine and went back to enjoy the festivities only to find out that they were out of beer! Damn it! So I caught a ride home.

The 25 lbs of briscit came out of the oven at 11 and the first guest arrived at 12:30. Sister, Neises, Parents, and Friends all stopped by to grab a bit. We headed to to Festival around 3:30. Lots of good music that ended around 9:30 while watching Cedric Watson. Zachary Richard was also pretty good.

Sunday afternoon we headed back meeting some friends. The temperature was nice with a breeze day. Couple hours of music brought the Festival to a close for us this year.

Next year will be a new Festival, new house and hopefully good time again.

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