Monday, April 6, 2009

Heleaux's Grocery

The trip started with no idea of where we were going to go. I had too much at DTA last night and cleared my head on a short 4-7 run with Glen, Suzy and Greg. I wish the run could have been longer but it was better than nothing. The "too much" contribuited to me not doing any research of were we wanted to go.

After picking BIL up, we headed West. After severel turns and twist we ended up at Heleaux's Grocery. BIL got some sausage for his BBQ and we got two links and two 8-oz cokes. We ate our fair on the hood of the car. The Boy even came back for seconds, so I would rate it as spicy but not too because the meter on The Boy for the peppery suff usually goes off with an "hot-hot-hot". The boudin was good, I think it deserves the B+ rating the linksters gave it. We meanedered back along Hwy 733 and headed home to finish the weekend.

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