Saturday, May 16, 2009

Got Boudin? I don't.

The past few weeks have not seen a boudin run. Three weekends ago we went to Memphis for a college friends weding. Last weekend I spent on my knees tiling BILs kitchen. This weekend BIL was at a weding so I am looking forward to next weekend. After that we get into our new house, so Saturdays after the run will be spend working in the house. I will have to make and effort to run to Johnson's and get some.

The running have been around 15 miles per week. I make a Tues, Thurs, Friday and Saturday. I set myself a schedule to add Body Pump and Circuit Training twice a week and I am going to try to get Yoga in once a week. I have to break the ice and go to the class but so far the ice has been too thick.

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