Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Plan: Slow Down to Speed Up

For several years I have been running and getting faster.  The last several years have kind of slowed down.  I think this plateau is because I have been basically doing the same thing.  I have not increase my mileage by much over the past three years.  I do the same or simular types of training every year.  Long runs, track and some tempo.  No cross training.  If anything I have been doing less cross training than in previous years.  I used to go to cycling classes on a regular basis.  I bet I have not seen the upstairs work out rooms to Red's in several months.  I need something new.

Starting the week after Festival International's Courir du Festival 5K (current 5K PR), I am starting from scratch.  I am going to try to develop a base that will carry my into the fall at a faster pace with better fitness than I have seen before.  I am going to try to train at MAF (Maximum Aerobic Function) as percribed by Maffetone.  You can read more here or here or here or numerous other places.

My MAF as calculated by 180-rule is 143 BPM.  If I look back at my training that currently equates to about 9:30 mins per mile.  That is also un-heat corrected.  It was cool that morning.  I imagine under duress (running in S. Louisiana in the heat is duress) it will be closer to 10 mpm.  (See run at Pinelog)

1.  Run at or below MAHR (133-143 bpm) for 8 weeks.  Running at least four times per week with one 90 minute run, two 45-60 minute runs.  9 mile and 5-6 mile respectivly. 
2.  Perform MAF test at once every three weeks at the track with 4 mile distance.
3.  Review progress after 8 weeks and adjust as necessary adding some tempo and speed.
4.  Set a goal race for late 2011 or early 2012 (1/2 Marathon Distance).
5. Trace and document all progress.
6.  Add two weight sessions minimum per week.

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