Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mardi Gras Mambo 10K PR

The Cajun Road Runner's Club took a bus trip from Lafayette to Baton Rouge for the Mardi Gras Mambo (MGM) 10K last weekend.  The temperature started out around 28-29F (Cold for S. Louisiana).  It was breezy and a bit warmer (32-33F) when we arrived.  By race time, I was sporting long sleeves and shorts with only gloves and ear warmers.  The sun was shining and only a slight breeze. 

The race started and finished at the LSU Natatorium parking lot, ran around campus, out around the lakes and back.  My goal for the race was to try to keep about a 7:30 pace.  That would put me in the good for a PR.  My previous PR was 46:47 at 2008 Crecent City Classis.  I didn't make it in 2009 and have not run one since.  My training started off OK but has been lack luster since the first of the year.  I have missed a lot of workouts and longer runs.

So off we start.  I started off running and feeling good.  I looked at my watch at about .2 and saw that I was way fast (7:00 ish) and I was ahead of a few people that I know are faster than me.  I made and effort to pull back a bit but I still finished the first mile in 7:17.  As the second mile came up, I still felt good and went at 7:26.  Mile three was about the same at 7:28.  It got a bit harder as I started warming up and the other runners thinning out.  Mile four was at 7:40 but part of that mile I stopped to stand up the mile marker sign.  Mile 5 was 7:18, not sure what went on there but it could have been a miss marked mile.  On the home stretch of six I this 7:38.  The last portion was down hill and make 6:50 pace for the point 2.  46:17 PR (7:28 overall pace)

Other stats: Average HR 182 (thumping!).  48 ft of elevation gain.

Good job to my sister who also finished plus all of my peeps with CRRC. 

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