Friday, October 8, 2010

I miss my Garmin HRM

So I actaully got up this morning somewhat on time (4:45 AM) to make it to Red's for to run (5AM).  Another minute or two and I would not have made it.  Run was uneventful.  I started with 5 people and at mile one two speed up and two slowed down.  I ended up running 3-1/2" miles at my "Base Pace" so that was good.  Overall it was a good run. 

On to the Garmin HRM.  Last weekend there was and early LSU game.  We left Lafayette early to make the game with the plan on staying in Baton Rouge to help The Folks unpack some in their new house.  I figured since it was an early game, I would be able to get up and go run Sunday.   As I gathered up my running stuff.  I grabbed my Garmin 405 CX and the HRM strap.  Uppon furhter inspection, noted that the Garmin was a bit low on juice, so I plugged it in.  I recollect tossing the strap into some or one of the bags that The Wife had packed.  Before we left, I grabbed the watch and stuck it in the box of miscelanous stuff that all ways seems to travel with us these days (baby monitor, pop tarts, organic ravaoli, organic rasins, etc).  Well Sunday morning rolls around, I get up and Dad has his running shoes on, so I ran upstairs got dressed, found the watch, couldn't find the strap.  So I ran with out it.  We we get home and I start seaching for the strap and have yet to find it. 

I know it is on one of the places that I will never find it for a year or two.  I am going to have to order an new HRM for my NEW watch at $60.  Oh well for now I am running san-HRM.  It makes my graphs on Garmin Connect look only and leaves blanks on Buckeye Outdoors.  I am an engineer and don't like having missing information.  I might have to start using my Polar for HRM and Garmin for distance and pace.  Two watches while running, that should be fun. 

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