Monday, October 18, 2010

Best Stop?

Make a boudin run with The Boy and a friend of mine.  We went to Crowley to pick up the finish line from their race.  On the way back we stopped at the Best Stop for some boudin.  The Boy got some boudin balls and enjoyed them.  We also got a few links.  The friend had to break appart the boudin with his hands and we ate on the drive.  I saw that they placed at the Boudin contest last week but I wonder how.

The boudin was VERY greasy and all most too liquidy.  The casing was crisp but didn't break easy.  I think it was more meat than rice with specks of onions.  I think the seasoning was a bit much also.  I think there are better boudins out there. 

Running is going OK.  I am in Aberdeen this week for work so plan on running in the cooler weather. 

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  1. You're breaking my heart with the bad review of Best Stop. It's my favorite! Make sure to pick up a few pounds of their smoked mixed sausage and put it in a pot of beans. In fact, if you're in the neighborhood pick up a couple of pounds for me and I'll pay you back. Bring it to the Alabama or Ole Miss games and we'll grill it -- I'll be in for both.