Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bourque's Superstore

Started the morning with an 8 mile run. I only needed to do 6 but since I skipped out yesterday I figured it wold be OK. Nice morning with temps about 40F. You couldn't ask for better weather. I will still be short for the week if I run 10 tomorrow but it will only be by a few. I got my 5 x 800 in on Wednsday due to rain but the pace run on Thursday was torpedoed by 5000 ft of elevation in Denver. I still got a run in, just slow.

Me and the fussy BOY went and picked up BIL at 9. We headed to Bourque's in Port Barre. We made our way around the store, picking up the famous jalapeno cheese bread. This stuff is very dense. I wouldn't want to get hit on the head with it. It is delicious.

We got to the meat counter and bought three links delivered as promised in the review. We checked out and at on the hood of my car. The BOY was supper excited that he got to sit on the hood. He was even more excited about the several packs of crackers that come with the boudin. BIL cut us some. The linksters indicated it was about an even mixture but I think what we had was much more meat than rice. It was good. Our favorite was it seems as if they used all most the whole green onion so you got part of the whitter onion so it gave it a nice crunch. The spice was warm. The BOY at his fair share and we headed on down the road to Lafayette. Well worth the drive. The linksters gave it an A+ rating and I tend to agree.

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