Saturday, January 31, 2009

$350 Stripper

I just spent $350 on a stripper and it was on my front porch! Do I have your interest? Well it is not what you think. I live in an old house. It has a front porch that has lots of peeling paint. I have aspirations to strip the porch and repaint it. I have tried chemical stripper- didn't work very well. Belt sander- nope. So I bit the bullet and paid $350 for a mechanical stripper with diamonds on the bottom. It took all of three hours to remove the paint from the concrete. Now I need to figure out how to refinish it. The system that I want (epoxy) cost about $500 total but it will look sweet.

Running: I ran the Four-Seven loop with Jeff, Mike, Becky, Cecile, Greg, Ruthie, Todd, Glenn, Mario, Brandy, and I am sure I am missing a few people. It was a large group. Ruthie took off early, after Todd, Glen and Greg left to head back, I picked it up and ran to the mid-walk spot ahead of all. I am still trying not to run too hard. I am going to take it easy, trying to keep it steady till I start training for the Crescent City Classic 10K. My goal is to get a poster. CCC10K top 500 get a poster. Anyway, after the mid-walk spot, we all ran back with a pit stop to see Ruthie's new back yard. Good times. 12 miles for the week with three run

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  1. good job on the run. i have a 100+ year old farm house that I slowly work on too. It is work but so much fun. Keep up the posts.