Friday, January 22, 2010

Cold, Cold, and Cold

Not a whole lot to report latley. BIL has been gone or working on his house so he has not been available for a boudin run. The BOY and I made several trips to Johnson's. You just can't go wrong there. Last weekend we got a link and Mr. Johnson came out while we were eating on the porch and showed us some pictures of the old grocery store. He said folks used to come buy boudin and eat it on the hood of their cars.

I left Lafayette Monday for North Dakota. I sat on the runway due to fog and didn't get into Bismarck till 7PM to be greeted by Freezing Fog. What the hell! The weather has been good until today. The stupid job got delayed and should start today. I have wasted a entire week here doing nothing.

I have been able to run some on the treatmill. The first day I got in two run. The second day I ran once. Yesterday I went out of a pace run from location to the road. Four out and back. After a 1.5m warm up, I hit it. I was trying for 7:50 but hit 8:09 on the first. It was all down hill from there. The last mile was over 9. Not good. Oh well. The picture is the road I ran on.

I am all read up on blogs, tired of watching TV, listening to iPod, and surfing the net. Ready to get started and get done.


  1. Thanks for stopping by Team HQ. You might have it worse in ND than I do in OH. Stay warm.

    Also, petroleum engineer? What, do you build pipelines? I work for a trade magazine in the petro chem industry. Cheers!

  2. Viper: Petroleum Engineer's work on the process of getting the oil and gas out of the ground into the pipeline. Once it gets there, I don't have anything to do with it. We do things like drill wells, evaluate the formations that have hydrocarbons, and determine the best way to get it out of the ground.