Tuesday, October 20, 2009

84 Interval

The weather outside was a nice damp 54 deg F. I say damp because it was cool and you could still feel the humidity. We headed out to the track to run 4-800 & 4-400. I have been averaging 15 measly miles the last month or so with little to no track work so I mentally prepared myself for stopping early.

So the 1 plus mile to the track too 10:56, then the suffering began.
800 3:18 (Way fast)
800 3:23 (Better)
800 3:24 (Hurt, I am going to quit after the next one!)
800 3:27 (That really hurt)
400 1:27 (Rode Glen's coat tails)
400 1:29 (I can do one more)
400 1:34 (Hurts!)
400 1:24 (Done)

As usual I was the back of the pack with the guys and girl that I run with but I am OK with that.

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